Sunday, April 05, 2009

hmm male rape ! =O

il get to the title later bes apparently i forgot to mention a couple of things in the last post. I did manage to go to smokehouse as mentioned two posts ago and we loved it. We went again and we still loved it. I've heard that they dont always get it right like yumkin tro7on o i5oron shay :P other than landing the slowest ( mentally that is ) waiter the 2nd time round everything was fine for us.

FINALLy went to cuts last week, i liked it bes its more of a first cut good 2nd cut extremely average. Like the meat ily on the outside has a lot more flavor and that makes sense, bes the thing is so thick that when you move on to deeper cuts it comes off as a bit bland. Bes you can always ask him to just cut from the other sides so its ok. Plus its all you can eat with a lovely salad bar and deserts included too. BES, for me atleast, its still got a long way to match fire of brazil ily ib ba7rain.


So the other day i was on my way to get my MRI, i can't drive with my stupid knee so i had the driver drop me. So here i was gazing idley out of the window 3ind a traffic light wila this dude asks me to open the window. So i do and we had this conversation:

bearded yemeni looking dude: GOOOL AMEEEEEN !

me with a lovely question mark forming on my face: ameen..???


me and now the question mark has brought its question marks friends: ameeen.. ????


ME: ajma3een inshala

( ithahir he was put off by the question marks marching round my face so he said )


then i introduced my self which is when he invited me to his diwaniya -_- and its right bout now when im thinkin .. HMMMMM MALE RAPE :P and the light turned green and we left =P

my friend pointed out how cyncial we have become :P how long did it take u to think kan ga3d i6ir :p that was most ppls first assumption, tbh i never got that idea from him 3abali he needed directions. The guy was kuwaiti judging by his name 7ata sayiqna shak 3abala yemeni :P bes to be fair to my male rape assumptions , you dont offer me heaven then invite me to ur place :P it just can be extremely misleading to some ppl, nothing against them i just like to keep their flirting away from me, and after my eye check incident you can never be sure. =P

Sunday, March 29, 2009

his head on this mantle is how i will let this world know..

Ok, first things first lets get this tag out of the way, and no i didnt do this cause a make pretend queen told me off i wasnt planning on doing it bes 2 days bed rest due to a busted knee gives u so much free time that for once tags are welcome until the stupid thing starts working again and i can get back to normal life.

I'm too lazy to post the how to do the tag u baiscally jump to 3 random links and make an album cover mine came out like this.
No one to lead you by Cauvicort ( thats suppossedly somewhere in frace )

part 2 ! My player ! well no1 sees it apparently, and then fileden suspended my account for no reason so i switched to another site and heres attempt number 2 at the music thing, this is what ur suppossed to see.

If it works yay if not u can still stream the songs of the bottom of the page. Ne ways since my knee is not fixing it self at an acceptable speed and my inability to drive with a busted knee hopefully u can get a real post soon. Till then adios

Monday, March 23, 2009

Black And Gold

So been back in kuwait for just under a week, and the trip has been awesome! It was a very last minute trip and i would've talked about it sooner bes i was pissed the player wasn't showing so 3aqabt my blog by neglecting it :r

ne ways greece for me will now forever be synonymous with GREAT food! think arabic food witha european twist :p i just regret not having enough time to try out everything over there. They have some AWESOME Kebab and we also tried one of their traditional restaurants oo i had me some goat meat with spinach, think marag shabzi bes in a more non marag dish :P and their deserts ! we gambled on two things wa7d nisait isma they served it to us on the house cuz he couldnt explain it to us bes he wanted us to try it o the second was Kataifi with ice cream; it had ice cream fa gilt how bad can it be :P 6ila3 it was awesome think a nutty knafa with bootha on the side :P bes allllllll that aside a7la shay we had, o akthar shay il miss believe it or not came from ma63am isma Cadillac 99 :P ma63am low itshofna matdishona let alone takloon mina :P

They have one of the best chocolate crepes ive ever had ! *drool* they make their own choc which tastes awesome and for some weird reason they had crushed biscuits in their crepe which after soaking up the hot chocolate sauce and getting steamed up min the crepe makes this crepe well worth the title of my fav choc crepe ever :r Mind you that restaurant is a pizza place :P and they suck at pizzas madri shlown they managed to make such a good crepe.

Oh and i wana learn greek ! very few of them speak english and their language is just way to geeky to not wana learn :p plus 3ashan abaynlukum how different they are Nei is Yes , and Okhi is No. oo and the kh is not the same Kh we have think american trying to say kh.

thats it for now mi7sin needs to go arrange a trip to smokehouse, and no i still didnt try cuts bes i plan on doing so soooooon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So i ditched my old template to be able to use the yahoo media player thingie. I've always wanted a way to easily share the songs stuck in my head irregardless of whether you'd actually go thru the trouble of listening to them :P

I'm currently in greece staying at a friends apartment as soon as he goes to uni il prolly have enough free time to look for a more decent template, till then i recommend you atleast check out the song by Stars and anything by the Airborne Toxic Event.

Oh and i'll fill you on the trip in a few days.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Safety pin earings for the win!

Ok so i love meat, old news i knw, im willing to eat ne thing on four legs (sometimes even 2 ) thats recommended to me, bes ive yet to go to cuts! i've been getting mixed reviews =/ nas igolon a7la min gaucho nas igolon butcher shop is better.

You knw what i miss? I MISS MEAT COMPANY! sadly its like in dbai and you need to reserve a few days ahead. ne ways thats not the point; the point is ily imjarib cuts how would u rate it? o if u havent shna6reen yala go be my food critics and leme knw if its worthwhile :P

ok food aside i got a quick gossip speed test: who has yet to hear about our local footie sex scandal :p ( no i will not elaborate just leme knw if u knw about it or not )

Thursday, February 26, 2009

shraykum ib Benjiman Button?

Ok seriously whats with all the hate? Maku a7ad magali the movie is long, boring, shit, etc Il7imdila kint miqtini3 min the da3aya its a movie mi7sin will like and mi7sin was right ! I thought it was very good! yes i did put a very before that good and in fact i might even go as far as saying its very very good!

I would compare it to into the wild, but then again ppl told me into the wild was long, slow and never ending. So if u hated one of these u knw wat to expect. A friend of mine compared the style ( i repeat style not goodness ) to Forest Gump, and yea you can say that cuz its narrated by the main actor about events that had already happened so if u don't mind a series of connected short stories its a very good movie.

I would love to see what ppl think of about schmidt if they thought Benjiman button was boring. Which reminds me i actually wana watch that movie again just to see if its really THAT boring.. bes ya3ni if my history teacher said it was boring and she teaches what i consider to be the most boring subject then what chance will i get at enjoying about schmidt?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Long over due

The last post wasn't meant to last that long, bes laptop trouble + shitty net + life just kept pushing this reply :P

the last comment was what drove me to reply, anony shimthakrich ib sheep @@ o no :p u totally wide of the mark :P

isalfa o mafeeha i had my frist '3oozi that day; and every1 was disgusted by the sight of the sheeps head and all my lil cousins gathered up round it when my uncle forced open its mouth and ripped out its tongue :p thats when the kids ran away in utter horror and disgust ilmuhim 6ab3an ma7ad wanted to try the tongue cept for me and my uncle :P i wanted it cuz ive heard great things about how good it tastes o blah oo i heard the deeper part is the tasitest bes my uncle cut it and took most of the deep part o gave me the rest. BTW if uve never seen one, its like all black and horrible :P madri laish ppl thought of eating it , ilmuhim i take the skin/layer thing off o i start eating starting with the back and its like 3adi ya3ni i dont get the fuss.. then slowly moving on til i reached the tip... thats when i decided ok i REALLY don't get why ppl eat this !!! It tasted as if i was french kissing a sheep, it tasted exactly like sheep smell and to say the least dont expect to find that scent being sold on a shelf ne time soon. for the rest of the day i was haunted by that after taste, it was so strong no amount of sweets and candy or toothpaste could wash it away :p

bes no i dont regret it, thats one more thing crossed of the list of things do0da would like to eat :P Sadly its the only thing that do0da moved on to his never wana eat this again list too :p